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We are a rehabilitation clinic with the objective of restoring to the person their social, labor and integral functionality.

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Хвороба Бехтерева (Анкілозивний спондилоартрит) Що треба знати?

Welcome to Your Health Center in Kyiv

PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC “Motion Workshop” (“Maisternya Ruhu”)

We know how difficult it is for expats to get physical therapy services of the same level as they are used to in their home countries. Through professional rehabilitation we guarantee the care you need to recover, maintain or improve the functioning capabilities for daily life. And yes, we speak English!

We specialize in physiotherapy and individual rehabilitation for people who have suffered accidents, slips, falls or sports injuries, as well as patients after orthopedic surgeries and/or with chronical conditions like back pain etc.

One of our unique fields of expertise is individual manufacturing of plastic orthoses for various orthopedic and neurologic conditions.

We also offer development of a rehabilitative program for patients who wish to reach their optimum level of function.

If you have a medical insurance – congratulations! We will provide all necessary documents for your insurance company to cover your treatment expenses.

Professional Rehabilitation

We have a multi-functional team of experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Moreover, our expat patients say that we are the best team in Kyiv!!! 

Ортезування та виготовлення ортопедичних устілок

Our Services

Functional training

Functional training is a systematic set of physical exercises that involves training the body for perfect activities in everyday life. This training is indispensable for people trying to feel confident in everyday life or adapt to new conditions.

Device physiotherapy

Device physiotherapy methods have proved to be effective in orthopaedic rehabilitation for pain and swelling relief, fracture healing, myorelaxation and myostimulation.

Complex rehabilitation

We offer rehabilitation as a complex custom program, which includes different methods of treatment, basing on the doctor’s prescription and the patient’s condition.


Specialist examinations (muscle tests, posture tests, gait tests etc.) determine the patient’s condition and help develop an individual rehabilitation program. If necessary, we can facilitate such tests as MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray etc.

Custom orthopaedic insoles

Make your steps easier! Individual orthopedic insoles (foot orthoses) allow to relieve foot pain and reduce the load on your feet and spine. Manufactured within 15 minutes in your presence.

Manual therapy

Orthopaedic manual therapy is based on knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system

Custom orthotics

We design and manufacture individual orthoses (immobilizers, splints) used for fraction treatment, recovery after surgery, joint correction, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy and post-stroke conditions, as well as custom self-care aids.


Our experienced professionals (doctors and physical therapists) will answer your questions and suggest rehabilitation program based on your condition

Kinesiologic taping

Treatment for injuries of ligaments and muscles, as well as swellings and hematomas by applying special adhesive tapes (kinesiotapes) speeds up the healing process, releaves pain and swelling and simultaneously performs a supporting function.

Professional Rehabilitation

Arms and Legs


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